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The Biden/Sanders Dilemma

While republicans are fully committed to capitalism, democrats are split. The only way to unify the party is to start with the fact that life competes (leans toward capitalism) and collaborates (leads toward socialism).

"Social systems — and the laws and policies that support them — exist in theory to improve efficiencies in the transfer and storage of energy, thereby enhancing a more robust species at large. Specialization creates functional relationships and systems of control that inevitably benefit some participants at the expense of others. But in the long run, the incremental efficiencies resulting from specialization must benefit society as a whole or be doomed to failure...

All life competes. But, while competition encourages survival of the fittest, collaboration advances mutual benefit, allowing for win/win transactions that reinforce other survival instincts, such as trust, security, friendship, altruism, stewardship and love. Then again, collaboration may be just another form of competition between groups, or a technique to build larger associations and dissociations that have the potential to foster group bias, bigotry and class warfare. Competition and collaboration are scalable strategies for purposing energy — nothing more, nothing less... Unfortunately, the question of how to purpose the transaction of energy has solidified into opposing political ideologies that directly influence behavior and inflame passions, even to the point of war. The issue of collaboration vs. competition lies at the foundation of every modern political landscape. (It is time to reassert)...a moderate approach to fair competition and compassionate collaboration.”

— Robert Glick, Quantum Sense, How to Ally with Change, Growth and Creativity

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