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As defined in the book Quantum Sense, Alternation is a new term for the creative and destructive engine of chaos and order. Alternation connects the flesh with the world through our quantum senses; it links life with the universe as it reorganizes animate and inanimate matter. Alternation is measured by quantum fluctuations that are creative and destructive. Gyrations of chaos and order regulate nature at a subatomic level, including how life processes information. This is why thoughts, emotions, and feelings behave like subatomic particles in superposition until isolated in the mind. The grind of alternation sharpens your senses, live-wires the synapses in your brain, and breeds communication that sparks consciousness. Expressed in the formation of root and branch, galaxies, even your DNA, alternation connects quantum modalities that exist in nature with humanity and civilization writ large.

     "Since there is no one designator being used to describe the larger story of energy-matter shifting from state to state, the term “alternation” is include the effects of creation and destruction in action. Because, in an open system, destruction is just a temporary version of creation anew (like an erupting volcano), alternation could be reduced to the simple notion of creative change, were it not for the turmoil stirred up by the transmutation of disparate states, and the adjustments made, like ripples in a cosmic ocean, by those left behind. To truly appreciate change, it is better to think of alternation as a cosmic dance in which creation and destruction alternate between unity and diversity, with consequences that range in severity from minute to monumental."

        -- Robert Glick, QUANTUM SENSE, How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity

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