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Does this Book Affirm a Philosophy?

YES. Meriam-Webster defines philosophy as “A discipline comprising as its core logic, aesthetics, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology”. According to Joshua J. Mark in the World History Encyclopedia, published online October 16, 2020: "The word Philosophy comes from the Greek philo (love) and sophia (wisdom) and so is literally defined as ‘the love of wisdom’. More broadly understood, it is the study of the most basic and profound matters of human existence. The topic of exactly when and where philosophy first began to develop is still debated, but the simplest answer is that it would have begun, at any place in the distant past, the first time someone asked why they were born, what their purpose was, and how they were supposed to understand their lives.”


Beginning Chapter 1, Finding Your Quantum Sense, How to Enhance Mindfulness, Perception, and Creativity, I wrote: “Birth and death; renewal and decay; creation and destruction. Together, these six words encapsulate the historic reason we search for explanations to the cosmos. Not only were birth and death relevant to every person since the dawn of man, but they also provide irrefutable evidence of an inevitable cycle of renewal and decay. Even before animals could form abstract ideas, birth and death obviously mattered. Eventually, some species became capable of observing transformation all around them, and the preponderance of renewal and decay slowly became part of a larger conversation about creation and destruction. Because the constant reminder of birth and death pounded the cycle of renewal and decay into our various frameworks of the physical world, every living species owes its knowledge of the universe, simple or complex, to awareness of its own mortality.”


This book meets the description of a philosophy because it explores the forces of change that drive the universe. Since a search for the dynamics of change start in the quantum realm, understanding the quantum forces that propel life forward also offers insights into the mysteries of our existence. “From subatomic particles to advanced civilizations, the building blocks of creation and destruction align as progenitors of the human condition, the momentum behind our actions and the unrelenting source of universal unrest.” - Robert Glick





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