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Quantum fluctuations on a neuron


Quantum sensation is the living appropriation of alternation, the creative and destructive engine that links life with the universe as it reorganizes animate and inanimate matter alike (see About Alternation). The two sides of alternation, chaos and order, develop our senses to create a working view of reality.


Quantum fluctuations pulse through energy and matter, creating and interacting with our senses. We waken our awareness by observing their effects on the world, or better yet, working with them directly. By observing quantum fluctuations in action, we learn to recognize key patters within nature and people.


Quantum communication transforms energy and matter at a quantum level. It directs how the universe is formed and life behaves. Just as a synchronized marching band keeps formation to music, subatomic particles communicate through quantum beats (signatures) to determine the formation of an object. Quantum communication is the precursor to the idea of transcendental influence (fate) because it affirms that, while the state of a physical object may be impartial, it is never haphazard. From undercurrents of uncertainty emerge a discernible quantum language that communicates the way in which subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organs and organisms orient themselves, and thus, what state to be in.


Quantum orientation is the result of quantum communication that determines the temporary state of an object. Quantum biology focuses on the quantum orientation of life, such as when quantum fluctuations convert a collection of organs into a body, a tadpole into a frog, or a thought into an action.

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