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Is Perception Reality?

Is perception reality or just a state of mind? Perceptions are based on how your senses process information (your quantum sense) and how effectively your brain manages all the information accumulated from your past and present. More than just a platform to encode and compile information into a mental archetype, your brain also uses memory and language to decode, communicate and explain your unique experiences. Thus, hard-wired by genetics and live-wired by exposure, your brain does an amazing job of interpreting your personal and collective perceptions for you. Yet any state of mind is bound by physical challenges, interpretive settings (states of awareness), and the sophistication of various languages used to describe experience.

So, while your brain valiantly attempts to synchronize your perception with reality, it is built and calibrated to interpret your perceptions. Sensory enhancements, like the ability to see in color, prioritize your interpretation of what you are seeing over the generative engine that transforms matter and your ability to interpret it. Nevertheless, the omnipotent and omnipresent alternation of chaos and order, the quantum force that penetrates matter and informs your senses, can be observed and explored as it passes through both. In the author’s book: Quantum Sense, How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity, you’ll learn how to recognize this creative power and put it to good use. To view the book on Amazon, go to

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