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What is Quantum Sense?

I write in my website, that “Quantum Sense is the connection between you and the world.” It the living appropriation of quantum activity for life’s own creative and destructive purposes.

How does quantum sensation work? Chaos and order are flip sides of the same quantum engine. This engine has a creative-destructive effect on the field of animate and inanimate matter --- it connects what is happening outside our bodies to what is happening inside. This includes how quantum information is received and processed by our senses and how psycho-physical connections are made in the brain. For ease of reference, in my book Quantum Sense - How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity I gave this quantum engine a name: “alternation”. Alternation is intimate and everywhere. It instructs and influences your body, your senses, the wiring of your brain and your consciousness before and after birth.

Quantum biology is the burgeoning study of how quantum mechanics effect life, such as how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, how your senses use quantum communication to interpret the world, even how thought is transferred.

Therefore quantum sense is really just common sense; its life’s way of adapting to whatever is happening to us at a quantum level. It is also the gateway to consciousness, mindfulness, aesthetics and creativity.

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