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On Love

There are many people who increasingly define their relationships by power and some have gone so far as to say that love is power. Over the years, social compacts have become less sacred and more contractual. Even forgiveness is being traded like a currency. The tendency to compete for love as though it were a commodity reduces the grandeur and unconditional power of love, which alternates along with thought and energy in a quantum state that interacts with causality.

"If we accept love as a negotiable commodity rather than an abundant state of good will, lovers must engage in a series of maneuvers or sacrifices to power structures set forth by the terms of their relationship. Since power is conditional, using love as a form of power promotes fear, jealousy and divisiveness (division, dissension, chaos, discord). But, if viewed as an abundant state, love promotes security, unity and order.

If, like so many others, you have trouble thinking of love as a state rather than a condition, consider one of the most outlandish claims in literature, a sentence so elegant in its simplicity that it consists of two terms revolving around a timeless absolute: “Love never fails.” (1st Corinthians, Chapter 13, The Bible). At first glance, Saint Paul’s statement to the Corinthians seems to defy logic. We watch relationships end all the time, often with harmful and sometimes tragic consequences. Ever mindful of sin, both on a personal and apostolic level, Paul was an expert on human shortcomings. So under what idyllic conditions does love never fail?

Imagine love and failure are tumblers revolving around the timeless absolute, never. Success and failure are conditions, like winning and losing, but love is a quantum state that can exist simultaneously in more than one condition, or more than one universe, such as that of the giver and recipient. Love that genuinely seeks the best outcome for the recipient cannot be destroyed, only isolated by observation and labeled by perception. As a condition, love may be rejected, tainted or perverted, but as long as it resides in a state of good-will, love never fails. The tumblers align when love is generously released into the world without expectation, and allowed to return as a sacred state. Whatever conditions result as a consequence, love remains unfazed.”

— Robert Glick, Quantum Sense, How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity

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