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Finding Purpose

From religion to fate, humanity has been looking for a cosmic explanation of our existence that imparts not only meaning, but purpose. Whether or not you believe God is the author of the natural processes that surround and connect us, finding your purpose in the world requires context and communication, which these processes not only discover, they demand.

“There is an extraordinary aspect of transmutation that supports the notion of transcendental influence, such as fate, fortune or Divine intervention acting on our behalf. Transmutation employs an ethereal connection between energy and matter that permeates change, growth and creativity... Ask any drum major and they will tell you a synchronized marching band requires precise communication to keep in formation. So too, energy and matter communicate in order to determine the state of an object. Such communication affirms that, while the state of a physical object may be impartial, it is never haphazard. This small distinction has big ramifications. From uncertainty emerges a discrete quantum language that determines the manner in which subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and organisms orient themselves, and thus, what state to be in. We begin with the simple fact that orientation is the formulation of energy/matter communicating a tadpole into a frog, a collection of organs into a body, a thought into an idea and an idea into a masterpiece.”

— Robert Glick, Quantum Sense, How to Ally with Change, Growth, and Creativity

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